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Till My Heartaches End 2010

Spoiler :

Plot/Synopsis: Till My Heartaches End 2010 tells the story of Paolo “Powie” Barredo (Gerald Anderson) who is out to prove to the world that he is not just a son out of wedlock, but that he can succeed in life independently. Though he started out roughly, he soon picked up pace and climbed the ladder of success. But as things started falling into place, other important things in his life had to take a backseat as he experienced the thrill of finally achieving his goal.

Agnes Garcia (Kim Chiu) has always longed for the time when her family will finally be complete again. At the young age of 6, her parents left the country to work abroad – her mother was a medical technician in America, while her father worked as an engineer in Riyadh. Despite the distance, Agnes held tight to the inevitability that she will reunite with her parents once again when she passes the nursing exam and applies to work in the States.

The moment these two saw each other at the café, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Their attraction was apparent and it seemed that destiny brought them together. As they got to know the other better, they found solace and comfort in each other’s company. But the security they found in each other soon started to shake when their different life paths take them to different directions. Despite the love they both still have for each other, one must choose to decide when to let go, even if the other is still holding on.

Till My Heartaches End has earned 19 million on the first showing day and has grossed 98,000,000 during its run.

Kim Chiu as Agnes Garcia
Gerald Anderson as Paolo “Powie” Barredo
Matet De Leon as Gemma
Guji Lorenzana as John
Desiree Del Valle as Lea
Niña Dolino as Maricar
Martin del Rosario as Wally
Manuel Chua as Carlo
Kakai Bautista as Susan
Enrique Gil as Jaco
Jaco Benin as Arnel
Eda Nolan as Jane
Mark Gil as Paquito Barredo
Boots Anson-Roa as Tita Baby
Tibo Jumalon as Edwin
Dianne Medina as Lizette
Angel Jacob as Mia
Gemmae Custodio as Sarah
Directed by Jose Javier Reyes
Produced by
Charo Santos-Concio
Malou Santos
Written by Jose Javier Reyes

source: wiki and imdb

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